Asset Planning And Security Solutions

March 29th, 2019

While it’s well known throughout the Atlanta business realm that security is important, have you ever asked yourself just what you’re securing? Employees, clients, and customers are a given, but there is more to security than simply protecting people from harm. Asset identification is a process that looks in-depth at all of the assets you possess, the value of these assets, and just what should be done to ensure they’re protected. Physical or violent crimes aren’t the only crimes deterred by security measures, and one should also consider the safety of their assets as well.

For Atlanta businesses, an asset assessment will look at every single aspect of your business, and each will be analyzed for how they function both together and independently.

Evaluating Your Assets

An asset evaluation should be a major part of any security assessment. Starting your asset assessment or evaluation should begin with these 3 steps:

  1. Assigning priority levels – The first step in your asset evaluation should be assigning priority levels to each category of your assets. This isn’t a task that should or can be effectively taken on alone, and now would be the time to assemble all of your key stakeholders together to tackle this task. Your managers and leaders will be able to educate you on and explain their various business intricacies and begin breaking them down into categories and priorities.
  2. Run your inventory – Some assets will be more obvious than others. Your buildings, product inventory, people, and equipment are easy to see and easy to recognize, but that’s not all that is included in your entire inventory. Your communications, information, building systems, intellectual property, and transportation networks will need to be included in your asset inventory as well.
  3. The valuation – Assigning values is the final step after the team has gotten together to survey and map all company or organization assets. There are a few key elements involved with determining value, and a few key questions should be asked while completing your valuation. One should consider how long a particular asset would take to be replaced, how old certain assets are, the depreciation of different assets, and how the loss of a particular asset would affect the business when determining value. While asking these questions may seem tedious, it provides an honest and reliable asset valuation.

Your Assets And Your Security

For Atlanta, GA businesses and organizations that have never broken down their assets in an assessment before, professional assistance can be invaluable. Your assets are a major part of your investment, and they should be protected just as thoroughly as any other aspect of your business. By carrying out a full asset evaluation as part of your security strategy planning, you can rest assured that you’ve done all you can to create the most secure space possible. When all assets have been figured into your security equation, a custom multi-layered security solution may be crafted to ensure it’s a perfect fit for your specific needs.