Evaluating Your Business Security

March 7th, 2019

Your business is important to you – one of the single most important aspects of your life, most likely. That’s why it’s so important to protect it in every way that you can. Today’s business owners need to take steps to protect their office, storefront, restaurant, or facility around the clock. But how do you know how secure your Atlanta, GA business really is?

It can actually be an easier process than most realize. Taking a few basic steps is all it really takes to identify potential security breaches and issues and then take steps to correct the issues and upgrade your security. With that in mind, here are some of the main steps you will want to take to do just that.

Do Routine Evaluations

Even if you’ve gone through the process of updating your security in the last several years, it’s important to do annual evaluations. This can include numerous steps including things like:

  • Review any security breaches and what caused them to occur
  • Do walkthroughs of your property to spot weak areas in your security setup
  • Review security cameras to ensure they capture video properly and as intended
  • Compare your current hardware and software solutions with modern options

That final point is often overlooked. Today’s cameras, access control measures, and alarms are all evolving quickly. They’re better than ever, and periodically it is a good idea to see if an upgrade can improve your business security in a significant way.

Keep Employees Trained

You may have great employees, but are they really trained properly? Onboarding your employees is the first step towards teaching them how to improve security. You’ll want to ensure that they understand how to create strong passwords for all user accounts and that they are educated on how to avoid scams and phishing.

Additionally, help teach them how to maintain data and passwords to keep them secure and how to lock up the business at the end of the day. Each of these steps should be refreshed annually to make sure all employees understand it and that things are as secure as they can be.

Create A Clear Plan For When Employees Separate From The Company

When an employee does separate from the company, it’s important that you follow a standard operating procedure. This means that you should change locks or access codes, ask employees to turn in all business access tools, and more. Additionally, be sure that you close out all user accounts and email accounts or change passwords so they can no longer access them. And if there are any devices issued by the company such as computers or phones, they should be returned by the employee.

These simple steps can be the fundamentals to increasing your existing security setup and making sure that you get the protection you need. Routine evaluations handled by yourself or a security expert can ensure that you take all of the right steps to keep your business safe and secure and that you avoid future security breaches or issues.