Four Ways Your Construction Site Will Benefit From A Security System

August 23rd, 2019

Anyone who’s ever worked on a construction site knows there is a high level of risk. Between the dangerous tools and equipment and the uneven ground, there’s a lot of dangerous situations. Another risk that people often forget about is that construction sites are often targeted by criminals. In order to help mitigate a lot of these risks, foreman should consider implementing a security system. Here are four of the ways your construction site will benefit from a security system:

1. Security Systems Deter Theft

Your tools and equipment cost a lot of money, so when they get stolen it can be a big capital expense to replace them. Furthermore, if your tools and equipment go missing, it delays the work leading to missed deadlines that can cost your business even more money. One of the best things about security systems is their mere presence acts as a deterrent to crime. Criminals don’t want to get caught, so they will avoid targeting places with security systems where they have a high chance of being caught.

2. Security Systems Help Prevent Vandalism

Construction sites are an easy target for vandalism. Kids and graffiti artists love vandalizing construction sites because they are often empty and have lots of open surfaces. Dealing with any kind of vandalism can be a really costly endeavor, so it’s best you work to prevent it. Security cameras don’t just deter thieves, they deter vandals. 

3. Security Systems Can Help Improve Productivity

When you own a construction company or are a foreman, you may be going back and forth between different sites. With a security system, you can check in on all of your sites from one place to make sure everything is getting done. You can also monitor your staff to see areas for improvement to efficiency and productivity. This insight can help you improve your processes and ultimately, land more jobs. 

4. Security Systems Reduce False Worker Compensation Claims

People get hurt on construction sites every day, it’s just the nature of the work. However, another thing that happens is that workers will fake construction site injuries in order to get money through workers compensation programs. If you have a security system, you’ll be able to document any injury to help determine who was truly at fault. This can save you thousands in paying for false injury claims.

Special Considerations For Construction Sites

Beyond all these great benefits, there are some things that you may want to consider before getting a security system. First of all, since construction sites are temporary until the job is done, you’ll want a system that is mobile. That way you can install it, finish the job, uninstall it, and take it to the next site. You’ll also want to make sure you get some helpful features like remote monitoring, high definition cameras with night visions, and motion sensors. A security company that specializes in construction security can help make sure you get all the right features.

To learn more, give the security professionals at Alt Security Solutions a call. We’ve worked with many construction companies to help them get a high tech, mobile security system for their job sites. We can help get you a system right for your company.