How Can Smartphone Apps Boost Your Business Security?

March 21st, 2019

As the saying goes, “There’s an app for that.”  You don’t hear it as often these days, but that’s because people are less surprised at this point to hear there’s something your smartphone can help you do better.  Smartphones can be timers, calculators, gaming consoles, navigators, internet browsers, or even stud finders if you get the right app.  As such, the question isn’t whether there’s an app that can improve your business security in Atlanta, GA, the question is what a good security app can do for you.

Manage Your Security System From Any Location

Online and wireless security has come leaps and bounds in the past few decades.  Secure, encrypted connections let you safely monitor and modify your company’s security system using a comprehensive app provided by your security contractor.  This app can do a lot of things, such as:

  • Change access permissions or lock and unlock individual doors.
  • Set or disarm your security alarm.
  • Adjust connected lights and the building’s temperature.
  • Collect and present reports on activities like punch-in and punch-out times or room access records.
  • Monitor camera feeds and recordings.

Get Alerts In Real-Time

Your company’s security might be compromised at any time, whether it’s by overnight intruders, daytime infiltrators, or untrustworthy employees.  A smartphone app connected to your security system can alert you immediately when the alarm goes off, when someone accesses sensitive data, when motion sets a surveillance camera to record, or even when someone else accesses your security system in Atlanta, GA and starts changing the settings. These alerts let you respond even before your security staff can call to warn you.

Keep An Eye On Your Business

Surveillance cameras are good for more than just catching thieves.  A good set of cameras also gives you the opportunity to see how your company and employees are doing when you’re out of town, and a smartphone app lets you watch your camera feeds from any location.  For instance:

  • Perimeter cameras can let you keep an eye out for suspicious loitering, cars that park in towing zones, or vandals about to spray the walls of your building.
  • Cameras by the doors let you monitor the people coming and going from your premises and see how many are tailgating instead of using their access cards.
  • Cameras in work areas let you see who’s putting in the work, who’s doing something suspicious, and who might be harassing your employees.
  • Cameras in sensitive areas can start recording when someone enters the room and let you keep track of everything that happens when anyone is present.

A good smartphone security app can help you monitor your company’s security even if you’re on a business trip that takes you hundreds of miles away from Atlanta, GA.  A comprehensive app gives you full control over the security system and its settings, so you’ll be the first to know if something is going on back at the office or storefront.  On top of that, you can take full advantage of your surveillance cameras, a very useful feature if your business is still too small to afford a full-time security staff.   However you cut it, smartphone security apps are excellent.