How Gunshot Detection Offers Protection In An Active Shooter Situation

April 4th, 2019

Gun violence has become so prevalent across the United States that it is now part of our day to day lives. Across Atlanta there are near daily incidents of gun violence, while across the United States there are hundreds of mass shootings every year. Now more than ever, security professionals need to be ready to identify and address incidents of gun violence. One of the best things they can do is utilize gunshot detection technology.

What Happens During A Shooting

Shootings happen in a matter of minutes and instantly create mass panic and chaos. The Las Vegas shooting of 2017 lasted only ten minutes. In those brief minutes, 58 people were killed and 400 people were injured from gunfire. While 451 more people were injured trying to flee the chaos and panic. This incident demonstrates that in a shooting, timing is everything. Security personnel needs to act as quickly as possible in order to reduce the number of deaths and injuries.

Timing In An Active Shooter Situation

As we stated previously, timing is everything when it comes to an active shooter situation. The quicker security and law enforcement can respond to a situation, the less damage can be done. In places without gunshot detection technology, usually a gunshot is detected and then communicated by people. Someone may call law enforcement saying they heard gunshots. The law enforcement will have to take details of the location and then send someone to respond. Then once on the scene, they will have to try to locate the shooter on their own. This can take a long time. This is where gunshot detection technology can help.

What Is Gunshot Detection Technology?

Gunshot detection technology has been around since the mid-century. However, the technology wasn’t truly developed until sensor technology was developed. Gunshot technology uses a combination of acoustic and optical sensors to detect a gunshot. These sensors then interface with other sensors to determine the location of the gunfire instantaneously. This location is then immediately communicated to security personnel and Atlanta law enforcement.

How Gunshot Detection Technology Helps During An Active Shooter Situation

Unlike the standard way of responding to an active shooter situation, gunshot detection technology instantly notifies security personnel and law enforcement where the shooting is coming from. This technology is faster and more reliable than 911 calls and law enforcement can respond immediately to the situation and with the necessary resources to stop the situation. They will also be able to go directly to where the shooter is rather than trying to find them in the crowd or at an unfamiliar location. By going directly to the source of the shooting, they can address the situation and save lives. 

Gunshot detection technology can be used anywhere that is a target of gun violence public spaces, schools, and large business campuses. The systems can be fully integrated into other forms of security like Atlanta surveillance systems and alarms. Most importantly, they can help security professionals and law enforcement respond more quickly than ever to an incident of gun violence.