How To Keep Your Commercial Business Secure

June 7th, 2019

Every property owner has a responsibility to keep their buildings and grounds safe and secure. A commercial building security system can help you live up to that responsibility by watching over your Atlanta, Ga property.  You might have a parade of people coming and going, or you might only have a handful of employees inside each day. The numbers say very little when it comes to the importance of protection. If you can implement two or three forms of security on your property, you have an excellent chance of keeping everything, and everyone, safe and secure.  

Surveillance Cameras  

There are several security solutions to keeping your commercial building secure. Surveillance cameras are the most common and useful to ensure safety on your property. Surveillance cameras can be installed in the following areas: 

  • Entry points 
  • Exits 
  • Break rooms and common areas 
  • Parking lots 
  • Elevators 

    Any area that poses a risk to safety or intrusion should be covered. Lighting is important in these areas to ensure that the cameras can pick up clear images. Keep in mind that surveillance cameras can’t do the job alone.  Be sure that a trusted and reliable person is in place to monitor the live feeds and review past footage. Unmanned cameras can’t do much more than lure you into a false sense of security.   

    Access Control Systems 

    You can provide your employees with limited access to certain areas of your Atlanta facility with a security card or key. This type of access control system will keep a real-time log of everyone who is coming and going within the building.  

    High-security keys should be purchased from an authorized distributor. This type of key is not easily duplicated and authorized personnel must order replacementsIf a card gets lost or goes missing, it can be discontinued and replaced with a new one. This eliminates the need to change locks, making the transition much safer. As a bonus, the locks that accompany these keys are difficult to pick and tamper with.  

    Protect Your Atlanta Business With Our Help

    By taking a few simple steps, you can expect that your security investments will pay off. Doing a little bit of research will give you a better idea of what security system methods are most effective for the type of commercial building you’re looking to secure. Finding the best commercial security solutions for your Atlanta, Ga office will ensure that your property is secure and safe, whether you’re there or not.