How To Provide Security For Your Event Guests

August 30th, 2019

Event security is one of the toughest gigs around. Large crowds, often drinking alcohol, and clamoring to meet VIP guests, can create a variety of risky situations. Beyond having a well-trained, reputable security staff onsite to protect your guests, there is something else you can do to keep your guests safe. Security camera rentals are a great option for event security. They don’t require a long term commitment and they can provide backup support for your security team.

Another Pair Of Eyes For Your Security Team

A security camera system is not a replacement for physical security at an event. Instead, they are a tool that your security team can use. Installed at the most important points of interest like the entrances, near the stage, and in areas with low visibility, they can give your security team a second set of eyes. This insight will help them identify any emerging threats and respond quickly before they become dangerous for your guests. They will also help alert law enforcement faster, so they can arrive in truly dangerous situations like an active shooter.

The Ideal Setup For Event Security

There are multiple ways to install these systems to help your security team. You can install a security system with remote monitoring, so your team can check the cameras while doing patrols. Another option is to have a central hub, perhaps near the stage or in the back loading rooms, where security staff can monitor the event and communicate to foot patrol when there is an incident that needs security to respond. You can also have the security company work onsite to help support your efforts. There are a lot of possibilities available for any type of event.

How To Assess Your Event Security Needs 

In order to determine which system you should rent, you need to start by assessing your event needs. Ask yourself a few questions: 

  • Will your event be indoors or outdoors?
  • Will it be a large event or a smaller event?
  • Is it a high risk event like a political gathering?
  • Will you have VIP guests that will need extra protection?
  • What other security features do you plan on having?

Once you have an answer to these basic questions, you can begin looking into security system rental options. You definitely want to make sure that you work with a security company like Alt Security Solutions that has event security experience. That way you can make sure you are addressing all security vulnerabilities and threats to your guests and getting the right system for your needs.

At Alt Security Solutions, our skilled security technicians can develop the perfect plan to support your event security team. We offer high-tech affordable security system rentals for any size space, whether indoors or out. As part of our security system rental package, we will also install, monitor, and deinstall your system. Give our knowledgeable security technicians a call and we’ll go over all of your options.