Surveillance Camera Placement Is Vital For Businesses

September 20th, 2019

Your business needs security cameras, end of story. Without a good security camera system in place you will struggle to keep your property, your guests, and your employees safe. However, while it’s easy to spend time focusing on the kind of cameras you purchase and the features they have, there’s another factor that is just as important but often overlooked – proper camera placement. 

Proper Placement

Where you place your cameras will have an impact on what you get from them. The type of camera matters as well. Here are a few points to consider.

  • Lower positions mean that you can identify faces. Placing all of your cameras on the ceiling means that you won’t be able to identify any faces easily.
  • Entrances and exits are high-traffic. Placing a camera with a wide angle lens that is a fair distance from the entrance or exit ensures you can see the bigger picture.
  • Certain locations need cameras. For instance, placing cameras over registers will reduce employee theft risks. Storerooms outfitted with cameras will be less at risk as well. Consider your high-risk areas and use cameras accordingly.
  • Sometimes, conspicuous is better. A burglar may be less likely to attempt to break the law at your property when they see a camera installed in an obvious location – especially since they’ll assume there are more.

Simply put, you need to consider just where you’re placing your cameras. Understanding placement and how it can impact your results is one of the first things you should do regarding your business security system. 

Consider Features And Uses, Too

While understanding just how placement impacts your success or failure with your cameras, it’s still important that you also take the time to think about the features that your cameras have and how placement will impact them.

For instance, a camera with motion detection isn’t great in a high-traffic area – it will always be triggered. Cameras that allow you to pan and scan the area are good, but placed in areas that are too large their capabilities won’t be as profound. 

Talk to your security camera pro to find out more about just what kind of options work best in terms of camera placement and how your features mesh with it. Then, you’ll be able to maximize your results from the camera placement as well as the additional features it offers to you. 

Getting The Best Results

In order to ensure that you’re really getting the most from your camera system, it’s important that you talk to the professionals. All the tips you can read up on are great, but there are still many things related to a camera system hat the pros will be able to help you with more efficiently.

With that in mind, talking to the professionals is a must. We’re here and ready to help. Backed with decades of experience, friendly service, and the latest and best technologies, Alt Security Solutions is your source for the best security results. Contact us today to learn more.