What Does A Restaurant Need With Video Surveillance?

July 18th, 2019

Security systems can be expensive.  Just about every building in America has some amount of security, even if it’s just a deadbolt on every door and a latch for every window.  Investing in more security is expensive, and it’s not always easy to see what the benefit is.  However, adding features like surveillance cameras can do a lot to improve your restaurant’s safety and security, and they have many different ways of doing it.

Theft Prevention

Depending on how your restaurant or café is laid out, it can be hard for someone behind the counter or by the kitchen to see everyone in the dining area.  It becomes even harder to watch all your patrons when the whole staff is busy with the lunch or dinner rush.  That means you won’t always be able to see when a customer tries to leave without paying.  Video surveillance helps one person keep an eye on several tables at once, and the presence of visible cameras can discourage customers from dining and dashing.

Quick Settlements

If employees get into a physical fight with each other or with customers, your business may be the one who has to pay for any damages and settlements if someone decides to sue.  Having video footage of the altercation lets you see exactly what happened, and so it becomes much easier to figure out which party is responsible and what the settlement should be (or find out if someone was making everything up).  Even if a lawsuit doesn’t go your way, you can almost always save on expenses by settling it quickly.

Avoid Vandalism

Restaurants are often the targets of vandals, both exterior vandalism like spray-painting and window smashing and interior vandalism like thrown food, smashed plates, and broken tables.  Like with theft, a few visible security cameras can deter some vandals from acting.  They can also help you spot people who vandalize your property before they leave the restaurant.

Once you have a set of security cameras, it’s important to choose the best locations to place them.  Just about every area in a restaurant could benefit from video surveillance:

  • The parking lot can be a dangerous spot for customers, especially after dark.  Exterior cameras can also help you identify vandals and burglary attempts.

  • The dining area sees a lot of traffic, including both customers and employees.  One or two cameras that can watch all the tables can record any crimes that might happen in your restaurant and let your servers know when a group is ready to order.

  • The kitchen is for employees only, but it also holds a lot of expensive equipment and potentially expensive ingredients you should keep an eye on.

  • The points of sale are where cash changes hands, and all kinds of things can happen there.  A visible camera can deter bad behavior and record everything that happens.

Here at Alt Security Solutions, we know owning a restaurant can be a stressful job.  Security issues and theft are a part of that, but surveillance cameras in the right spots can go a long way towards reducing those risks.  Contact us today to learn more about all the security solutions and camera designs we can install in your building.