Why Install Security Cameras For Your Business?

August 9th, 2019

Large companies always have security systems with access control, alarms, and security cameras, but then they have a lot to protect.  So why should a smaller business with less of a budget bother to install surveillance cameras?  The answer is that a surveillance camera or two in the right place can do a lot without costing a lot of money, including everything on the following list.

Loss Prevention

Retail stores all have problems with spotting shoplifters and keeping people from leaving without paying.  Visible cameras can help discourage potential thieves from trying to take something, and if you have a security team they can watch the feeds and effectively be in several places at once.  These cameras can also spot employee theft with the right placement.  Stopping shoplifters is much harder when you don’t have any cameras in your retail area.

Employee Evaluation

No matter what kind of business you run, employee performance is an important factor in how well your company does.  Are the salespeople polite and encouraging?  Is the maintenance staff thorough?  Are the office workers focused?  A few cameras can show you how your employees behave and tell you whether they need reminding about their duties, more training in some areas, or new equipment that can help them do their jobs.

Arrival Notification

Nobody likes to wait, especially if the only reason is because no one has noticed the delivery person or customer enter.  A surveillance camera in the right location can fix that problem, especially if you connect it to a motion detector and have it send an alert or make a noise when it turns on.  This can help your service staff quickly spot customers or make sure your loading bay crew knows exactly when a new truck has arrived.

Liability Protection

Accidents and crimes can take place on your property no matter what industry you’re in.  Sometimes it’s clear enough who’s at fault and what needs to happen next, but other times there are no witnesses around and everyone involved tells a different story.  If a security camera recorded the incident in question, it can clear up what happened.  Sometimes this means you can avoid a fraudulent charge, and even if your company is at fault it can help by letting you settle and avoid a lengthy and expensive lawsuit.

Safety Checks

Safety is essential for industrial, commercial, and residential properties.  Part of that safety comes from inspecting equipment to make sure it’s in good shape, and part of that comes from evaluating your employees and making sure they’re following all the safety protocols.  Surveillance cameras let you see what your employees do when no one is looking over their shoulders.

Surveillance cameras don’t just protect you against shoplifters, thieves, and burglars.  They also let you see how your employees perform, what your customers do, and what happened during an accident.  At Alt Security Solutions, we help our clients pick the best cameras and setups for their business, needs, and budget, so contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.