4 Tips For More Peace Of Mind At Home Over The Holidays

November 26th, 2019

The holiday season is here, and for many of us, that means some time off, making memories with family, friends and other loved ones, and maybe even some time off to see new destinations, or return to familiar old ones. All of this makes the holiday season one of the best times of the year, but, unfortunately, the same is true for criminals looking to make some easy money. That’s why if you want to make sure your home is safe for the holidays, you should follow these four tips for a safer season.

Reinforce Your Front Door

Many people worry—rightfully so—about criminals entering homes through windows, or the back door. However, thieves are always looking for an easy opportunity, and so, shockingly, the majority of crimes still use the front door as the most common point of entry. Your front door doesn’t just keep the cold out, or maintain your privacy; it can also sometimes be the barrier that changes a criminal’s mind about invading your home. Make sure that your front door is in good condition, strong, secure, and if you like reinforced with modern access control systems, and even doorbell cams to identify and record anyone that comes onto your property.

Use Your Curtains Or Blinds

The holiday season can be a heartwarming time as you wander around your neighborhood and see Christmas trees lit up in people’s homes. However, if you can see into someone’s brightly lit home, with presents under the tree, or expensive flat-screen TVs visible on the wall, thieves can too.

Try not to advertise the belongings in your home, especially if you’re not actually at home. An empty home that anyone can walk up to and look through the windows is essentially inviting thieves to window shop.

Don’t Advertise Your Vacation

If you’re going to be going out to an exotic destination over the holidays, or even just going back to your family home for a few days for a reunion, exercise restraint about making public announcements. People who are too free with their private information on social media can give diligent thieves everything they need to get a fix on an exact home address. When you announce your vacation, you’ve just told those same thieves when they can expect to break-in at their leisure for hours of uninterrupted theft assessment.

Always Change Default Wireless Settings

Many people will be getting new gifts this Christmas that connect to your wireless network. It is critical that you go in and put in new, secure passwords for these wireless devices. If you don’t do this, enterprising digital thieves can use the manual supplied default password to gain control of that device and, subsequently, a possible foothold into seizing control of your network. If you don’t want that new baby monitor to be spyware for thieves watching your family, change the settings.

Be safe during these holidays, and think about making your home or business more secure. If you want help, contact Alt Security Solutions, and we can assess your security situation.