7 Ways To Prevent Crime In Your Neighborhood

June 21st, 2019

When it comes to being safe there is something to the saying, “there is safety in numbers”. Engaging your neighbors and working together towards crime prevention is the best way to ensure everyone in the neighborhood is safe.  Here are some tips to help you and your neighbors get started: 


Get To Know Your Neighbors 

Introduce yourself to your immediate neighbors and start building a relationship. If you’re not sure where to start, you can start or host a community watch program. You can also contact the local police and host a safety awareness class for your neighborhood and invite everyone to attend. 

Utilize Social Media To Foster Your Community 

Another way to get neighbors involved is to set up a private Facebook page for your community. Perhaps start with neighborhood watch members and then expand as more neighbors get involved. There are also applications that neighborhoods can use for free to get connected and maintain communication and safety. 

Communicate To Your Neighbors When You Are Going Out Of Town 

Let your neighbors know when you will be out of town and ask them to look out for anything unusual. If you have a trusted neighbor, give them a key to check on your home when necessary. Offer to do the same when they are out of town. That way you both know your homes are safe. 

Maintain A Strong Community Appearance 

Studies have shown that the neater the neighborhood, the less it will be targeted by thieves. Make sure your home and yard are neat and tidy. Keep your shrubs and trees trimmed, especially those around the windows. Add lighting in strategic places. Also, make sure to help older neighbors to trim trees and remove junk from yard and porches.  

Spend Time Outdoors In Your Neighborhood

There are two benefits to this strategy. First, it helps you meet and interact with your neighbors to build a stronger community. Secondly, thieves are less likely to target neighbors that are active because they don’t want any witnesses to their crimes. So get out and walk your dog, let the children play in the front lawn, or spend some time gardening.  

Keep Your Windows And Blinds Closed At Night 

If you have your windows open and lights on in your home, your home becomes a view into your private world. It makes it easier for a criminal to “case” your home when they can see from the street your large screen TV hanging in your living room and your Alexa on your kitchen counter. It is also easier to get inside and out of a house when you know the location of all the pricey items. If they can’t see your valuables, you’ll be less likely to be targeted. 


Consider A Home Security System 

Home security systems are the best way to keep your home safe. Also, if you have a home security system, you’ll help keep your neighbors safe as well. When thieves are casing your neighborhood, looking for targets, they’ll see the presence of your security system and move on. They know that if you have one, your neighbors probably do as well. 

All of these simple tips will help you create a safer and stronger community. So get out into your neighborhood and start building relationships. Together, you can keep the thieves away.