Home Window Security And You

April 11th, 2019

Doors are the best way in or out of a house, which is why doors usually have better locks than windows.  However, some burglars enter their target homes by breaking a window latch with a crowbar or smashing through the glass.  They can then unlock the front door from the inside and steal whatever they want.  This means that window security is just as important as door security, so don’t leave them out when you’re thinking about burglary risks or planning to install a security system in your Atlanta, GA home.

Maintain What You Have

The first step of proper window security is to make sure your windows are as secure as the original blueprints intended.  Older latches might be rusted open or no longer fit in its housing, and as a house settles a window frame will often warp out of shape.  You should also make sure you’re using your latches in the first place:  like any security system, it only works if you remember to use it.

Add Sensors

Security companies in Atlanta, GA have sensors you can add to your windows that go off when someone opens it or breaks the glass while the system is armed.  Other sensors can detect motion or listen for the sound of breaking glass and splintering wood.  When something triggers them, it will send an alert to your security company and to your security app if you have a fully integrated system.

Consider Your Air Conditioner

Central air ducts are too small for someone to crawl through, but if your home has a window air conditioner it could potentially be a way inside.  Make sure you get a model you can secure with screws to the window frame and consider reinforcing it with steel bars.  Without something like this, a burglar could simply open your window the rest of the way, let the air conditioner fall out, and climb inside.

Reinforce The Materials

One way to seriously improve your window security is to use reinforced glass.  Laminated, shatter-resistant glass makes it much harder for someone to use your window as a way in, and as a bonus it means you won’t have to worry about bird impacts or neighborhood kids playing backyard baseball.  If burglary is a serious concern for your property, you might even want to install steel bars to make a window almost impossible for most burglars to get in.

Increase Perimeter Security

Deterrence also helps keep burglars away from windows.  You can put this into action by adding extra lights to your home’s exterior and placing surveillance cameras in obvious spots.  These can make burglars nervous enough to pass on your house and find an easier target.

Doors may be more obvious, but window security is essential when it comes to home security systems.  Make sure your windows are in good condition and consider making upgrades as you improve the rest of your Atlanta, GA home’s security.  After all, there’s no point in locking your front door if you leave a window wide open.