This Is Why You Should Maintain Your Home Security System Regularly

March 14th, 2019

If you own a car, you know how important it is to keep it running well. You can fill the gas tank once a week, but unless you take care to change the oil, top off your fluids, and monitor the air in your tires, that gas will only take you so far. It’s the upkeep of your vehicle that keeps it running safely and smoothly around Atlanta.

Your home security system is much like a car. Regular maintenance not only increases its life expectancy, it ensures that the entire system functions properly. Unless you take the time to care for equipment, system downtime is more likely to occur. Here are three reasons that show just how important it is to maintain your home security system for total home protection.  

Regular Maintenance Helps You Identify System Errors

Maintaining your home security system means conducting regular tests to ensure that there are no system errors. Unsolved errors can decrease the life expectancy of your system. If the components in your home security system are ineffective, it makes you and your home more vulnerable. Perform regular maintenance on the following:

  • Security cameras – inspect all cameras to make sure that they have not been vandalized or damaged. Check to make sure that they are recording as they should be. 
  • Smart lights – check all outdoor lights and replace as needed. Readjust any lights that have shifted due to wind to ensure maximum effectiveness. 
  • Control panels – inspect the panel visually for damage or loose wires. Run through a self-test to check for malfunctions. 

Regular Maintenance Can Reduce False Alarms

Did you know that false alarms cost money and waste valuable resources? When home security equipment is faulty or outdated, these false alarms can occur. This is a direct result of a system that has been neglected and left alone.

Test your system on a regular monthly basis to ensure that everything is in working order. Replace batteries as needed. Always notify your security provider prior to any testing so they understand not to dispatch the Atlanta police department or other authorities.

Regular Maintenance Can Prevent System Hacks

Regular maintenance allows you to install software updates on your digital home security devices. Just as updating your system improves cyber security, failure to update your system makes you more vulnerable to a cyber-attack. Software that is outdated contains unpatched security flaws that hackers can use to get through your network and steal personal information. Stop system hacks before they start by updating the software on all of your connected devices.

If your fire alarm is not working properly, it can put you and your family at risk in the event that a fire occurs in your Atlanta home. If your security system is not functioning properly, alarms can become inactive. This puts you and your family at risk if a break-in occurs. Don’t let a simple maintenance lapse put everything you love at risk.  Be proactive and maintain your equipment to stay protected.