3 Factors For A More Secure Campus

July 31st, 2019

A college is a place that prepares young Americans to step into the real world as educated citizens ready to contribute to the country. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that campuses, even here in Atlanta, GA, are completely safe. Crime can, and does happen, from the theft of belongings to assault. Security for your campus is always a good idea, but only if you keep these three factors in mind as you create your security protocol.

Research Your Needs

It’s fine to say, “We need more security,” but specificity is always better. Find out exactly what your situation is, and look at what you need. Look at your campus crime rate, and see which crimes are the ones that occur the most frequently. This type of research is important both to combat the problems you have effectively and prevent needless spending on security technology you don’t need for crimes that aren’t an issue.

Follow Best Practices

While your campus will have some specific security needs, there are also general principles that are good for any campus security protocol to follow. Poorly lit paths, or dark garages/parking lots, for example, always benefit for improved security to make students safer. Campus stores or offices, where cash is stored, is another good spot.

Take Advantage Of Your Security

Once security systems are in place, make sure to use them—and improve your campus experience—beyond just a safer environment. Security systems can help prevent graffiti, they can ensure proper behavior of students, following the code your campus may have, and they can even increase your schools’ reputation since every parent wants a safer learning experience for their children.

Every campus has different security needs, so make sure to get a proper evaluation. Call Alt Security Solutions and let us know you want a safer college campus. We can come down and evaluate the size and scope of the campus to see where security can help you the most.