A Baby Monitor Means More Security

May 30th, 2019

Welcoming a newborn into the family in Atlanta, GA is one of the greatest experiences people can have, but it’s also one that comes with enormous responsibility. A newborn infant is completely helpless and reliant on parents in every way imaginable. 

This means when you come home and start taking care of your baby in Atlanta, GA, you have a lot of new considerations, especially safety. An infant can’t move, talk, or tell you what has gone wrong, or get out of harm’s way when it approaches. Because of the complete reliance on you, parents must take exceptional steps to ensure the safety of a baby in these early years. One of those safety measures is a baby monitor.

Security System For Infants

In the same way that you may protect your home or business with an alarm system and security camera network, you can do the same with your most valuable position, your new baby. Baby monitor systems are well-understood technologies in the home now. They’ve been in use for years. 

However, new baby monitoring systems take advantage of existing technology and technology infrastructure in ways the earlier systems could never have imagined. In the past, a baby monitoring system was a simple microphone pick up that placed near a baby. It allowed parents to hear what was going on in a baby’s room, so if the baby started to cry, no matter where they were in the house, they could hear it and respond.

Modern Systems

The most recent baby monitor systems are like comprehensive, mini-security networks unto themselves. Some of the new features include two-way audio, so not only can parents hear the child in the room, they can respond so that the child can hear their voices. Cameras are now included on some baby monitoring systems so that parents can see the crib where the infant is sleeping.

In more advanced versions, baby monitoring systems can even accommodate a full a security camera network, allowing multiple cameras in the room to be linked together, so it’s not just the baby monitor itself that provides the only view. Some of these systems even include night vision cameras, so you can still see the baby even with lights out, or at night.

Freedom With Peace Of Mind

The biggest advantage of these systems is that families no longer have to “tether” themselves to a baby’s room to ensure safety. Where before, a family needed to visit a sleeping baby’s room every five minutes or so for a visual check, a camera in place eliminates this need.

Even with a baby sitter, or another friend for family member watching over a baby while the parents enjoy a well earned night out, newer systems can be viewed through a smartphone. So even when you’re away from home and the baby, you can still check in. It gives new parents a much higher level of freedom and mobility, without sacrificing the peace of mind that comes from being able to check on the baby as and when required.

If you just welcomed a new baby to your family in Atlanta, GA, you already know there are many challenges ahead. Being able to check on the baby shouldn’t be one of them.