Does Your Security Footage Meet Your Quality Needs?

August 15th, 2019

When you invest in security cameras, you expect a certain quality out of your footage. When this quality need isn’t met, you might feel helpless that your security camera systems are unable to protect your business or your home effectively. Your security camera footage serves as your evidence should an incident happen at your property, and poor quality footage won’t be able to be the evidence you need if you can’t see clearly what is happening on the recording. 

The Steps To Take

Luckily, there are some steps property owners can take to ensure they have the highest quality footage possible. The steps to take to get higher quality security camera footage are: 

  • Update your system – In some instances, business or property owners might feel like a security camera system is a once and done investment. When you look at footage captured by a modern security camera compared to that captured by a 10 year old security camera, you’re going to see some stark differences. For starters, today’s security cameras typically capture in HD quality, which creates clearer, crisper, and simply better footage than standard definition. If your footage is grainy and outdated, it’s time to upgrade and continue making the most out of your investment. 

  • Consider your storage – Higher definition footage will take up more storage space than low quality footage, and some opt for space over quality in order to save money. What property owners might save, however, may not be worth it when their footage is unusable. Essentially, unusable footage is just that, unusable, making your security cameras less valuable from the start. Opting for higher storage capacities to cover high definition footage is always worth your while. 

  • Mind your lighting – Sometimes even high definition cameras don’t capture the footage you really need, and this may largely be due to poor lighting within an area. If an area you wish to monitor is too dark, your footage will reflect that, and you could lose crucial detail in your recordings. Keep your areas well-lit, and especially areas being monitored by security cameras. 

  • Get the right camera for your needs – There are many different security cameras out on the market today, and each have their own specific purposes with their own specific strong points. The camera you use to monitor your parking lot will be different than the one you use to monitor the cash registers at your store. Choosing the right camera for your needs will ensure you get the footage you really want. 

Addressing Your Quality Concerns

It’s important to be open and honest about how you feel regarding your security camera footage. If you’re unhappy with the quality of your footage, it doesn’t serve you well to think it’s just something you’ll have to accept and deal with. With today’s modern options on the market, you can get just the high quality and high definition footage you really need. To find your high quality security camera, contact us at Alt Security Solutions today.