The Key Benefits Of An Offline Security System

May 10th, 2019

These days, we are approaching the ‘internet of things’ at a rapid pace. Very soon, practically everything in our homes is going to be connected to the net, and while that adds a huge layer of convenience to Atlanta, GA residents’ lives the fact is that sometimes offline may be better.

One area that this may surprise you in is in a home security system. Homeowners in Atlanta, GA want to know that they’re safe and protected, and the truth is that an online system is one of the best options out there. In fact, it’s become so important that it’s hard to find an offline system at all.

There are some offline components that are connected to most systems, however, and these offline functions mean that you still get protection when using the system. Here’s a look at some of the advantages offered by an offline system.


Since offline systems are easier to set up and don’t’ require higher end technology, it’s usually more affordable to install them in a Atlanta, GA home. And the cost savings continue over time – things like deadbolts or motion lighting don’t need constant updates and will work for decades on their own.

Don’t Stop Working During A Power Loss

Even if a power loss occurs only for a minute, you may have to reset the entire system in order to start recording and viewing live video again. With offline systems, that isn’t an issue. You’ll be unable to view remotely anyway, but if the system loses power there is no need to spend time resetting the entire system before it works again.

Work Anywhere

It may still be hard to get internet connections in some parts of Atlanta, GA. As such, being able to install a security system that you can count on could mean investing in one that isn’t connected to the internet at all. Offline options make it possible for anyone to get protection.

Still Effective

Even without being able to remote view your camera feeds using an online system, the fact is that a Atlanta, GA home with an offline system is still one that is protected. After all, for decades alarms and offline cameras were the main form of protection that a home would have. Modern tech offers additional features and functions, but make no mistake -offline setups do still have some benefits.

What Is Right For You?

It is true that offline systems are still available, and that they do still have some functionality. But today it is far easier to connect an online system than ever before. Modern systems have low costs, easy setup, can be upgraded quickly, and are used without any contracts at all.

If an offline system is really the only option that you have, you should still consider investing in it. But today there is really no reason not to opt for an online option that provides even better protection, more features, and an easier operating process. Simply put, investing in online is generally the right option for most looking for protection for their home.