What Is CCTV Security & Can It Help You?

July 9th, 2019

Anyone who runs a business in Atlanta, GA is always trying to find ways to maintain profits, and stave off loss. One of the best ways to keep losses at bay, especially for retail businesses, is to have good security. Theft is one of the biggest sources of loss for any business that sells products, since people not paying for those products and walking away with them hurts your bottom line.

While there are some security solutions for Atlanta, GA businesses that can bring the police in, such as alarm systems, there’s another security measure that can aid in investigation, and even prevent crime. That is the CCTV. But what is it, and what can it do?

The Eye That Sees Everything

If you’ve ever walked into a store, or even just looked at a traffic corner and realized there was a camera installed and watching you, you’ve seen CCTV in action. CCTV stands for “closed circuit television,” which these days is a bit of a misnomer, and not technically correct.

CCTV security camera systems have been in use for decades, but originally they were only affordable to very large, established corporations with a lot of money to burn. The reason for this is that the original security camera networks lived up to their name; they really were closed circuit television networks. These systems ran cabling throughout a structure, wired to cameras, that privately transmitted those images back to a bank of television monitors in a security room. Because this was not a public broadcast of television imagery, but a private one, that’s how the closed circuit phrase came into being.

Today It’s Wireless

The reason that it’s no longer technically accurate to refer to these as CCTV systems is because everything is done with computers now, usually wirelessly. Today’s CCTV security cameras don’t have to run images along TV cabling, and they certainly don’t have to feed a single image to a single, dedicated television. 

Modern systems can now store the images online in the “Cloud,” so that any authorized device, such as a phone with the right app, can view it. Or they can put the images on a desktop computer’s monitor system, or a laptop screen, the options are much more flexible.

A Great Deterrent

The reason CCTV security systems are go beneficial is that they can prevent crime from happening at all. Cameras record many incriminating details, such as the height, build, skin color, clothing, hair style, hair color and other identifiers of people who come into view. They are far more reliable than a human witness.

Thieves know that being caught stealing on camera is a guarantee of an arrest, with charges, and evidence to back up prosecution in court. They know better than to risk it, and simply go looking elsewhere for an easier target.

If you want that kind peace of mind for your business in Atlanta, GA, then reach out to us and let us know. Alt Security Solutions is here to help you increase your security and get more peace of mind.